Cremation Services Package

Cremation by definition is the process of reducing dead bodies to basic chemical compounds in the form of gases and bone fragments. This is accomplished through burning—high temperatures, vaporization and oxidation. Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite that is an alternative to the interment of an intact body in a casket.

In this modern day and age, where death is a tragedy and sometimes in most cases an inconvenience. Most think that cremation is a better, easier and cheaper option. From our experience, cremation without a funeral or memorial service, is deviating ones process to heal faster. It’s the ones left behind that go through the hurt & pain, allow the process of the funeral rites to help heal and grieve accordingly.

Cremation is just a matter of choice, at Cosmopolitan we provide 1 hour modern state of the art cremation facilities and waiting lounges for the family. Our packages include the cremation process and the chosen urn for which the cremains are contained.